Accounts Department

About The Department

The Directorate was formerly known as Accounts Directorate. The activities of the Directorate are being supervised by the State Treasury Office, Alausa, Ikeja. It reports to the Executive Secretary for its day today functioning in the Commission. Its major responsibility in every Ministry, Extra-Ministerial Department and Agency is to ensure that the financial activities are in compliance with Financial Regulation, Lagos State Government Public Finance Management law 2011 and other Treasury Circulars.


Functions of The Department

In JSC, the department undertakes the following roles and responsibilities:



1. Collection and collation of realistic Estimate of Capital and Recurrent Expenditure when preparing the budget. Maintaining statutory books of Accounts (both in hard and soft copies) for approved budget execution and financial resources management accountability system.


Prompt Rendition

Ensuring prompt rendition of all returns such as consolidated revenue reports, Bank reconciliation statements, revenue and expenditure returns, and oracle cash book generated reports.



 Collaborating in the preparation of Ministry Department and Agency(MDA) Budget proposal and ensuring effective budget and control by matching and comparing budget figures with actual expenditure or revenue, as the case may be and advising the Accounting officers appropriately.



Disbursement of funds and proper monitoring and accounting for revenue.



 Liaising with the Accountant General for interpretation of the provisions of Financial Regulation and Treasury circulars.


Effective Audit Query

Ensuring the existence of effective Audit Query procedures to promptly deal with all queries from internal audit unit, Monitoring and Investigation Directorate of the office of the Accountant General, the office of the State Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee of the State House of Assembly .


The Financial Activities of the Directorate are coordinated by the following sections:

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