Internal Audit Unit

About the Department

The unit is responsible for the examination, review, appraisal of the accounting system and reporting on the internal control system of the Ministry. Advising on the compliance with laid down financial and other regulations towards safeguarding the State Government assets, financial and otherwise in the most efficient and effective manner is also one of the responsibilities of the unit.

Roles &


  • Implements procurement policies and procedures for the agency in line with overall objectives.
  • Ensure the aggregation and categorization of all procurement requests from all department/unit in the Agency so as to obtain economies of scale.
  • Provides adequate information and communication in respect of bids by conducting where necessary pre-bid conference.
  • Maintain frequent communication with PPA .
  • Unit coordinates, monitors all procurement for the Agency by monitoring request for goods, works, and services from various Departments and Units with a view to recommending cause of action to the Management.
  • Prepare bid documents, undertakes the preliminary examination of bids for compliance and organizes the public opening of bids.
  • Coordinates bid evaluation
  • Maintain suppliers contractors and consultants data bank.
  • Participation in the inspection of contractors/suppliers site.
  • Preparation of progress reports on project at site and forwards same to PPA.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient development of bids by sourcing and providing necessary information for this purpose.
  • Ensure the timely development and quality of all bids and organizes communications with bidders or contractors.

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